About - Chicago Academy
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Chicago Academy of Permanent Makeup is a teaching school offering top-of-the-line training using the latest equipment and techniques.  The academy recruits seasoned professionals from around the country to give you the best training, advice and insight about a career in this important field, which helps clients look and feel their best. Get the professional skills and business savvy you need to start your successful operation in the permanent makeup industry.

We create careers and invite new possibilities for our Students.

Permanent makeup is an evolving career that intersects beauty, and the art of restoration.

We empower students to help change lives.

Permanent makeup application is about helping clients feel confident. That may mean an areola restoration for a client who’s had a mastectomy or an eyebrow application for a client with alopecia. This is a rewarding career that’s about helping people.

We create a trajectory in the art of PMU.

We instill the savvy necessary to enact the art of permanent makeup, and we offer students the business basics they need to be successful.

We foster opportunity in a new realm of careers.

We instill the latest in techniques for restoration of areola and scar camouflage.