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Chicago Academy of Permanent Makeup

Where your journey begins

Welcome to the Chicago Academy of Permanent Makeup. We are a state-of-the-art school leading the way in the latest permanent makeup techniques. Learn the ART of permanent makeup and how to forge a successful career in the industry. We instill the skills that take you to the next level.

We offer MORE THAN AN ONLINE COURSE or a TRAVELING CLASS. We provide the continued support in years to come that helps you further your goals. We teach you everything you need to start a career in this field, so education or experience in cosmetology or esthetics is not necessary.

Why People Choose Chicago Academy

Chicago Academy
World Microblading
Deluxe Brows
Microblading Fundamentals
Lifetime Support
Marketing Training
Professional Photo Shoot
Business 101
Local Training Not A Traveling Class
2 Day Apprenticeship
5 Day Live Training
Number of Live Models 3 1 3 1